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Kids shopping trends Growing In 2019

From Fabrics to Fashion Industry, Wondermom provides the ultimate solution to spruce up your little ones’ wardrobe. The shopping trends show off the rise in designer kids ethnic wear from looming designers across the country. Shopping bags full of children kids wear is indeed a rage in the market. Parents seem to invest in a ‘quick fix’ to jazz up their little one's clothing styles. At the moment, back-to-school is just the right bid for the designers. The magnifying need for fashionable clothes for kids and staying up-to-date among the pier group, swell up the demands for designer kids ethnic wear. With growing awareness of Designer Kids wear among the parents and children alike, the kids’ fashion industry is booming...

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Is Fast Fashion leading to Toxins?

  Kids Wear is trending and captivating !!   They are new every time. As well as economical to pocket. But what is their “true” cost?   It is the chemicals in those garments penetrating your skin, throughout the day and every day. Studies show that these chemicals not only cause allergic reaction and irritation to some consumers but also cause cancer to many of the workers who work with them the whole day.    Where are these chemicals used and what that can lead to?   Formaldehyde cause nose and eye irritation and skin allergies still it is often found on items that claim to be crease resistant. Nano silver treatment is given to garments to curb odor-causing bacteria but research...

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Are you sure?

It is a normal tendency of many parents to look for disposable clothes for their kids as they often get them dirty and grow out of them. So, it does not seem wise to spend much on kids clothing. Hence, brands are making these clothes from the cheapest possible material, using the lowest wage factories.But there are some brands who are working towards ethical and sustainable clothing and making garments that are durable and can withstand some mess. Therefore, can be passed on to younger siblings or relatives when they grow out of it. Just like the older days, when we didn’t have so many options and buying textiles was considered a luxury. So often it was passed as an...

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How conscious are you?-Ethical clothing

The 2013 Rana Plaza factory incident in Bangladesh was the wakeup call for many. The focus of the entire world and social activists shifted to the condition of the people working in such factories to manufacture products for high-end brands all over the world.Fashion is a multibillion-dollar industry and with the growing demand for Fast fashion, extremely cheap clothing prices, materials, labor, and shipping have to be compromised. Many low wage labors lose their life while working in a hazardous environment.With the world becoming a global village, consumers are becoming more aware and involved and they are demanding to know if there was any sort of suffering behind the making of the clothes they buy. Therefore, many upcoming brands and...

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Fast Fashion and its effects: A wondermom blog

As coined by Wikipedia, ”fast fashion” is a term used to describe the process in which designs move quickly from catwalk to retailers. It operates on the idea of manufacturing Quickly and inexpensively to allow the mainstream consumer to buy current clothing styles at a lower price. The demand for fast fashion has been influenced drastically by social media and our obsession with movie stars and fashion weeks. However, we often tend to ignore the realities of how the products are being manufactured and in what conditions. Let’s look into how it effects the environment and our lives. While shuffling though the racks of high fashion, trendy, chic looking low cost polyester or synthetic cotton clothes, the environment is the least of our concerns.   Let’s throw some light on the...

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