Do you understand your child?

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To understand your child, you need to be his/her friend. Please distinguish between being a friend and trying to portray yourself, as a friend. It means to have that feeling from within and not in behavior. Because when that feeling will be from within, it will make you understand your child’s state of mind and help you in comforting him/her accordingly. Such effort from you, will not only build his/her deep faith in you but also nurture his/her self confidence. 

After every mistake he/she does, you need to tell your child that it’s completely fine to commit mistakes because our mistakes teach us a lot of things. But after realizing your mistake, it should not be repeated by your conscious mind otherwise you have not learnt anything from it, and that is a problem!

Kids mostly feel awkward and shy among new people. This is because they are not in their “comfort zone”, so its very important to relax them by getting involved with them in activities they like. Playing with them and treating them as equal will always help your child to become strong and confident from within.

If your child is in the habit of crying and misbehaving, if his/her demands are not fulfilled, do not react. Stay indifferent and once he/she is tired of throwing tantrum, talk with calm so that he/ she gets the message that this trick isn’t going to work on you.

What ever you want your child to take interest in, you need to put it up in such a way that your child looks forward to it. It can be his/her reluctance to eating, brushing, bathing, studying and many such things. Make them exciting for him/her. Present the lunch in an interesting way. Make his/ her study, a play. Create a competition in hygiene habits. Also kids grow up with a “sense of ownership”, so make his/her tooth brush, pencil, utensils etc. interesting by customizing it according to his/her liking. 

Do not make things easily available to him/her, because he/she will not value it then, and would feel all of it is his/her birth right………. Let him/her earn it by different good things he/she does. It will strengthen his/her sense of achievement, boost his/her self confidence and most importantly he/she will learn to value it.

To build up a strong value system, treat your child as a responsible human being and not as kid. But most importantly, set up your example for any quality, you wish to see in him/her.

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