Fashion and Sustainability : The need for Conscious clothing in Kidswear


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The philosophy that defines “Wondermom” is the unconditional faith a child endows in his/her mother. She may be judged as a woman, making day to day compromises, facing her life struggles… but as a mother, she is her best and hence, simply “wonderful”!

From here the need of conscious and sustainable clothing arises. Clothing which is chemical free, organic and pure, hence good for the child’s health. It does not harm the environment while being produced as all the processes involved from fibre to fabric are eco friendly.

Wondermom is born from the need of every capable mother looking for the best, for her child…….and mostly not satisfied with the available options in apparels, for various reasons………fabric quality, style and comfort.

wondermom stands for conscious sustainable eco friendly kidswear fashion for our children

We aim at providing smart style and silhouettes to your kid’s wardrobe with sustainable products, products designed to last always and not driven by trend, as fast fashion trends are oscillating like a boomerang. We aspire to give the kids, a fashionable makeover, a privilege that only adults are availing so far, beyond the cute and non-serious persona they hold due to what they are wearing. We wanted to give the comfort that kids of first world countries feel in their garments. Somehow we don’t find that premium quality in India for our kids. India being one of the largest cotton producers is flooded with polyester and other man made fabrics everywhere. Let our kids be nurtured with the best of our natural resources, they too deserve the best ! 

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