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wondermom kidswear conscious clothing for children blog on better parenting skillsTo be a good parent, stop behaving like a parent. Think from his or her perspective. 

In the growing age, a child is exploring new things on everyday basis and reacting to it according to his or her judgment. So try to understand things from his or her perspective. 

If your child is adamant for something, instead of compelling him or her to follow your instructions and ending up as a control freak parent, you can do one of the following :

Firstly, try to convince your child from his or her perspective, please don’t lie or try to scare him or her as that will not let his/her faith get built in you.

Secondly, distract him or her with something more interesting and he or she will get amused or involved in the new distraction and forget his/her context of tenacity. Otherwise they will grow up becoming a stubborn person.

Lastly, their stubbornness is the result of their “empowered consciousness”. As they grow, they learn new things very fast and feel empowered. They want to get things done “their way”. The moment we convert “their way” as “our way”, they will loose interest. For example, I had a tough time sending my 2 year old to school every morning.

So i told her she can’t go to school playing with her, instead i will go to school. So every morning, there was a competition, who will go to school in either of us and she always won over me.

 Another important fact is, no one likes to be judged or controlled, so does a child. They understand what we talk to each other. So we need not judge every action of our child. Sometime if they are not behaving according to your expectations, it’s completely okay!

We should not encourage our child to be a “performer” all the time. Instead let them grow organically. Instead of getting taught all the time, let them explore on their own. 

Also every child is unique and comparing him/her to the other is sin!! So stop finding reasons why other kids of his/her age are capable of xyzzy things and my child is not.

Kids learn by example rather than by words. So, whatever values and lifestyle we wish to inculcate in them, we need to live them ourself. 

Make your child feel special, that will enhance his/her confidence, but please don’t be an obsessed parent. Your child is the first person to discover that and will start taking energy from your obsession, hence drifting away from the humility, which is the most important aspect of his/her development. 

Before anything else help your child in becoming a good human being. 

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