Is Fast Fashion leading to Toxins?

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Kids Wear is trending and captivating !!


They are new every time. As well as economical to pocket.

But what is their “true” cost?


It is the chemicals in those garments penetrating your skin, throughout the day and every day. Studies show that these chemicals not only cause allergic reaction and irritation to some consumers but also cause cancer to many of the workers who work with them the whole day. 


Where are these chemicals used and what that can lead to?


  1. Formaldehyde cause nose and eye irritation and skin allergies still it is often found on items that claim to be crease resistant.
  2. Nano silver treatment is given to garments to curb odor-causing bacteria but research says that they can get into the brain and kill brain cells so we all can estimate the risk factor involved with chewing of such fabric by babies as babies are in a habit of chewing their clothes, bibs etc.
  3. The workers who manufacture acrylic fabrics have to wear protective clothing to abstain from touching the clothing they are making because acrylic fabrics contain dimethylformamide that can cause liver damage and other health problems, when in direct contact with the skin.
  4. Fast fashion garments are widely using Phthalates primarily in different finishes to enhance aesthetics and products like leatherette, waterproof coating, plastic raincoats, and swimwear etc. Phthalates exist in chemicals like DINP, DEHP, and BBP that are primary requirements of different processes involved in the manufacturing of fast fashion but they, being endocrine disrupters, are claimed to be adversely affecting male reproductivity.
  5. Amines released from Azo dyes increases the risk of bladder cancer. This revelation gained momentum when workers of a dye factory in Germany showed such symptoms being exposed to it all day. 

So, to conclude, most of the fast fashion garments that are touting to be stain resistant, wrinkle-free, flame retardant or static resistant are mostly treated with Teflon (PFCs), Nonylphenols, Nonylphenol ethoxylates etc. They are absorbable into our skin, hence increase the risk of cancer and hormonal imbalance as well as the reproductive system.

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