Khadi in 2019

wondermom kidswear where khadi and organic cotton conscious clothes can be buy online in India for children aged 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 & 11 . it is ethical sustainable fashion and lifestyle revolution


Khadi, this word is derived from “khaddar” which means hand-spun fabric in our country. Khadi is the symbol of the Indian textile heritage as it was also used as a tool to achieve freedom. The fabric is woven by hand with with natural yarns like cotton and sometimes silk and wool. These yarns are spun on a spinning wheel functioning on solar energy, called “solar charkha”.

The USP of khadi is that it is warm in winter and remains cool in summer. Khadi is being promoted by Khadi and Village Industries Commission and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSME is promoting “harit khadi”, which is a finer quality of khadi in men’s wear collaborating with Raymonds, women’s wear with fashion brand “W” and an online retail brand in kid’s fashion named “Wondermom”.

 "Harit khadi" is a finer quality of khadi which is very comfortable to wear, and very apt to indian climatic conditions as it has the quality of keeping body cool in summers and warm in winters. It is manufactured by Bharatiya harit khadi Gramodaya Sansthan. Establishing Bhartiya Harit Khadi Gramodaya Sansthan is inspired by the mission and vision of the present Government of India, to work with Khadi in its innovative embodiment to generate employment among poverty-struck people living in rural and semi-urban areas of India.Bhartiya Harit Khadi Gramodaya Sansthan came up with a unique model of Khadi Solar Charkha project, where organic cotton yarn is spun on solar charkhas. The project aims at manufacturing khadi organically be it from cotton fiber or other eco-friendly and locally available resources like banana leaves or milk. Using solar charkhas and solar looms ensure the continuous workflow in the various steps that involve in producing Khadi fabric. So far more than 2400 women are earning their livelihood from this project. The vision behind 

‘harit khadi” is to reinvent khadi with innovative embodiment, and generate employment in villages with the use of solar energy.

mahatma gandhi sarojini naidu khadi india independence republic day blog by wondermom kidswear where you can buy online ethical conscious eco friendly clothes for children aged 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 years

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