Why only 10-20% Indians wear Khadi

We conducted a survey with prime research of 500 respondents and 10 focused group sessions to understand their views on Khadi. People find this fabric old fashioned and course in hand feel with flaws in yarns. Most of them were not using it at all and only 10% to 20% were wearing it and that too occasionally or weekends. They were excited about wearing it at national festivals. The failure of khadi happened because it was not projected as a fashionable product, like Denim. People generally relate khadi to “some raw fabric and cannot think beyond kurtas and typical ethnic wear”. , The love people have for denim, despite being rough and difficult to wash, is primarily because of the fact that it was always portrayed as an everlasting yet trendy product. The hard work behind making it was glorified from time to time. Sometimes the end product becomes more interesting because of the process of making it. Be it denim, Irish coffee or draught beer! 

Italian jacquard is yet another example. It became a hit because it was promoted by international designers as most of the initial designers were Italians. Hence Italian jacquard became an integral part of the fashion capital for decades.

  Khadi was popular earlier as there was a cause related to it, i.e. freedom struggle and the Swadeshi movement, but now there is no such cause so the Indians have lost the emotional connection with it. Neither they find it trendy in the ways, the other garments are presented. Khadi has to change it’s course from just being a fabric of freedom struggle to a fabric recreating fashion and trends.

Our vision is to relate khadi to luxury, as the fabric has all those qualities, only its making had to be refined, which our government was already working at. Harit khadi is a reinvention of khadi. This fabric needs to be used in fashionable products with different cuts like the fashion brands in developed countries as consumers are well aware fashion trends that keep changing at a fast pace. Khadi is a treasure to be kept and reminds individuals of their roots, which is a major concern of today’s parents. They are really concerned about how to inculcate value system in their kids. Parents fear internet influence, as their interaction with their kids is reducing and the young generation is getting more and more dependant on internet and mobile. Khadi could be a way to get the kids close to their roots and feel proud of their country and it’s freedom struggle.

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