Wondermom's commitment to a sustainable lifestyle

Wondermom kidswear blog talks about sustainability and fashion saving earth through sustainable concious clothes and ethical approach


If earth has to be saved, it has to start from you…. 

Are you doing your bit?

In your every day challenges and struggles, have you identified the minimal initiative you can take without affecting your everyday routine and that is your consciousness towards organic and sustainable products.

 Talking about apparel, organic clothing is not just the requirement of the upper strata of the society who want everything premium and branded for themselves, but the necessity of each and every individual who can see the hazards of humongous chemical intrusion in lifestyle and global warming and understands the requirement of sustainability. Couple of fashion brands are creating an awareness in the intelligentsia on sustainable clothing and lifestyle. Among them wondermom has made some notable contributions to create awareness against man made synthetic fibers.


wondermom kidswear is committed to saving environment through conscious ethical eco friendly clothes for kids buy online in india for a sustainable lifestyle blog

       Wondermom stands for the fact that not only eco-friendly clothing is best for the skin, but it saves the world from toxins. This fashion brand is all set on the mission of doing their bit to save the mother earth and humanity at the same time...No toxic pesticide, No synthetic and genetically modified plant seeds, No forced or child labor, No farmer suicides and No cancers due to malign lifestyle resources.

       This fashion brand for kids, emphasizes on promotion of natural fibers and is only using textiles made from pure linen, bamboo fabric, rayon, silk and organic cotton dyed and printed with purely organic dyes made from beetroot, turmeric, leaf extract, pomegranate, madder, myrobalan etc.

With the vision to induce high morals, ethics and sustainability in the entire manufacturing process of “fibre to attire”, Wondermom's core team is closely working with artisans and weavers in the remote areas of Khandawa, in Bihar trying to help in evolution of the textile heritage we have, with pristine and contemporary designs based on international trends and colour forecast. 

 If it's true that even oceans are made when millions of droplets come together, then we all human beings have to come together for a common cause and that is "saving our planet". So a big NO to plastics, preservatives, pesticides, synthetics and doing your bit by saving water, saving power and most importantly, saving trees.

wondermom kidswear buy online in India save planet earth through ethical eco friendly conscious fashion and sustainable lifestyle for kids and children on earth

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