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Wondermom's commitment to a sustainable lifestyle

  If earth has to be saved, it has to start from you….  Are you doing your bit? In your every day challenges and struggles, have you identified the minimal initiative you can take without affecting your everyday routine and that is your consciousness towards organic and sustainable products.  Talking about apparel, organic clothing is not just the requirement of the upper strata of the society who want everything premium and branded for themselves, but the necessity of each and every individual who can see the hazards of humongous chemical intrusion in lifestyle and global warming and understands the requirement of sustainability. Couple of fashion brands are creating an awareness in the intelligentsia on sustainable clothing and lifestyle. Among them...

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Do you understand your child?

To understand your child, you need to be his/her friend. Please distinguish between being a friend and trying to portray yourself, as a friend. It means to have that feeling from within and not in behavior. Because when that feeling will be from within, it will make you understand your child’s state of mind and help you in comforting him/her accordingly. Such effort from you, will not only build his/her deep faith in you but also nurture his/her self confidence.  After every mistake he/she does, you need to tell your child that it’s completely fine to commit mistakes because our mistakes teach us a lot of things. But after realizing your mistake, it should not be repeated by your conscious...

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Fashion and Sustainability : The need for Conscious clothing in Kidswear

  The philosophy that defines “Wondermom” is the unconditional faith a child endows in his/her mother. She may be judged as a woman, making day to day compromises, facing her life struggles… but as a mother, she is her best and hence, simply “wonderful”! From here the need of conscious and sustainable clothing arises. Clothing which is chemical free, organic and pure, hence good for the child’s health. It does not harm the environment while being produced as all the processes involved from fibre to fabric are eco friendly. Wondermom is born from the need of every capable mother looking for the best, for her child…….and mostly not satisfied with the available options in apparels, for various reasons………fabric quality, style and...

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