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Reason to launch “Wondermom”

The parent company has been into exports since the past 10 years and have been exporting to "creme of the creme" brands globally and now started “wondermom” for their own country.

Why Retail?

       Our in-depth study of the Indian retail market proved that there is a dearth of good quality products that are made for Kids, whether its ethnic or western wear. Usually the products we see are made from polyester fabrics or either their finish is not proper. Looking into all these problems we came up with the concept of establishing a new chain of product line which will be exclusive for Kids in India, with exclusive fabrics like "khadi" made of organic cotton apart from linen, silk, rayon, and their blends. As a brand policy, we do not use manmade fibers (polyester, nylon etc.) at all, but our initiative to use khadi in kid's wear is giving a new definition to our vision. This fabric is purely organic and good for kid's skin. Why should our kids get second-grade quality when they are the major brains behind major innovations in technology globally. Our garments will give the same comfort as the garments of all premium brands in first world countries.


What is our USP?

Since we have been selling our products globally so we are well aware of the industry and quality standard, and would like to introduce the same into Indian Kids wear market. We aim at delivering the best quality products which are good for kids in terms of finish, and skin sensitivity, which we feel is missing presently in the market.

We have an independent Quality Assurance department ensures monitoring & controlling of product quality right from the very initial stages of production. The team of technically qualified professionals conducts regular quality checks at various manufacturing stages and ensures that each product meets the specified quality standards. We also conduct surveys and work on feedbacks from evolved parents.


Why Us?

Sampling is an integral part of any industry. We manage a team of a highly skilled and experienced person who has their eyes set on the minutest of details. We are good with understanding the international trends and capable enough to translate them as per the Indian market requirement.

We have a dedicated knowledgeable product design team, who travels worldwide to imbibe the best of trends and transforming them to create designs along with mood boards and samples giving added advantage to the customers.

We specialize in understanding the global trends established by the ace designers, coupled with our in-depth study and create a line for a particular brand as well as to bring the newness in the ever-changing world.

       We will be selling high-end luxurious fashionable products at pocket-friendly prices without compromising on the quality standards for which we are professionally groomed. The products will be value for money because like kids of other developed countries, where parents emphasize on quality, our kids also deserve the best.

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